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25th Class Reunion
Saturday, Oct 12, 4pm
@Waterloo Country Club

BBQ and Beer provided!

Bring lawn chairs
Cans allowed - No bottles

RSVP $15/person
due by Sept 30th!

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Class of 1988
Columbia High School
Columbia, Illinois

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Posted By:Kelly Stuart

Chris!!! I was just thinking about you!! A little while ago I was reading a news article about the temperatures in the Middle East. 120°F in some regions -- WOW! Hope you are not there! How do you keep your brain from melting? Or do you? Ha ha.

My mom sent me a clipping from the local newspaper -- there's a picture of you in full uniform. What a trip! I still can't believe it's you.

By the way, Coach Stuart and his wife told me to tell you, "Hi! We're thinking about you!"

Gosh, it's so great to hear from you! Thanks for visiting the website and posting a message! Above all, please keep safe, buddy!

And think cool thoughts!!!!!

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